The Soothsayer Office

Installed within Locksmith Project Space, Sydney.

The Soothsayer Office was approved by the Plan B Department of Bababa International.

Realising that The Soothsayer – a very big vending machine – would not be completed by its intended release date, the office was founded in order to further research and develop the technical and conceptual requirements that this particular machine elicits.

Focusing on Botany Road – with its mix of dereliction, gentrification, mixed-business and fuzzy fate – the office used the 10.2 km road as a case study for the future.

What materials, objects or foodstuffs would be required to live if Botany Road was the future?

The office was open to all answers and offshoots relating to this question.

A table was installed that took its form from the geographical information of Botany Road itself. This abstracted cartography was supplemented with a floating line of twenty-four clocks, each calculated to be one hour ahead of the last, and therefore, in total, allowing the office to remain one day ahead of its current location. This design pivoted on the unsophisticated yet less-than-obvious thought that a road is a linear passage of time.

Like many newly established ventures, business was admittedly slow and not particularly productive from the outset. Thus, the office immediately highlighted some of the difficulties, issues and holes that impeded productivity in the first place. By taking up the object and the concept of time, The Soothsayer Office inevitably throws a few questions at its makers.

What are the implications of using objects as a vehicle for thinking about the future? Can an object really predict the future or does it merely enforce the present?

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