Soup Flow

Part of Rights to the City at Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Soup Flow is a retelling of the old story of stone soup.

In the original tale a group of famished travelers are passing through a foreign town when their request for food is rebuffed by the parsimonious locals. Undeterred, the travelers fill a cooking pot with water, throw a stone into the pot and then light a flame. This arouses the curiosity of the locals, who cannot fathom what these strangers are up to. The travelers explain that they are making the incredible and rarely known recipe of stone soup, and that while it is nearly finished it could still use a little garnish….

Soup Flow imagines this tale on a global scale, with each ingredient in the soup contributed by a specific location within the transnational food chain.

When you order your soup you will be able to pick and choose the ingredients that go into it from four locations: the neighbourhood, the city, the nation, and across international borders.

Using an optical telegraph and a weather balloon you will be able to specify your order so that it features ingredients drawn from either one of these places, a combination of localities – say two or three – or the complete soup with ingredients from all four locations.


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