Squatting Control Unit & Bidet Annex (SCUBA)

Plumbed for Lies/Lions/Lines, The Paper Mill, Sydney.

SCUBA is a made-to-measure amenity that will diversify any single-use latrine. Equipped with spacious foot room and a non-slip surface, the Squatting Control Unit gives the dispenser the option of either sitting or squatting whilst committing the act(s). This, combined with the Bidet Annex, which comes complete with multi-spray nozzle options, will be a welcome addition to any prized porcelain throne.

If the bathroom can be defined as a space dedicated to the debris of living then SCUBA gives the user a choice in how such debris is to be released: Should I sit or squat today? Will I use the Mist or Power Jet setting? Is the manner in which we use the toilet meaningless or meaning rich?

Make your bathroom into a multicultural, multifunctional, multitasking arena. SCUBA is a practical, hygienic and rewarding addition to any bathroom facility.

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