Park for Planet Earth

Part of Tiny Stadiums Festival in Erskineville.

On Planet Earth there are some parks. From the very beginning Earth bound parks have always been a receptacle into which the condensed vicissitudes of human society have been poured and put on display. In this way a park is a microcosm of social imagination. PARK FOR PLANET EARTH, a place where the future has already arrived, is a park like no other.

In fact PARK FOR PLANET EARTH is a solution designed to produce public spaces wherever and whenever a public space is a necessity (i.e. a democracy, a dictatorship or modern apartment living). To this end PARK FOR PLANET EARTH is also an empty receptacle. Ordered from the Bababa International Airport*, a PARK FOR PLANET EARTH unit is deployed from within the orbiting production centre, calibrated to enter Earth’s atmosphere and land wherever it is needed.

Accumulating raw-data from it’s context it calculates necessity and subsequently produces accordingly. PARK FOR PLANET EARTH is an autonomous and undetermined design solution for all-humanity.

* If you would like a PARK FOR PLANET EARTH unit deployed to your co-ordinates please justify yourself with the application form.


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