New Movement II

Installed in MOP, Sydney.

New Movement II was an exercise in expanding some of the ideas, results and content originating in New Movement I. Wooden feet, cake and a video accompanies two large cork-boards holding a collection of photographs, proposals, drawings, and maps were arranged and re-arranged throughout the exhibition, accumulating as one continuous active archive.

During the exhibition, we ran weekly workshops in which we would invite people to do something we could not teach and which we ourselves could not do – design and fabricate shoes. We hoped that by participating, people (ourselves included) would not only learn about conceiving and putting together a familiar object, but would also think about the whole situation of the shoe: what is required of it, the myriad of forms it takes, how it is produced, why it is produced in that manner, and finally how it might be otherwise. These are the results:


New Movement III is currently in development.


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