New Movement I

Installed in inbetweenspaces.

New Movement I arrived in the city of Brisbane, Australia, on March 16, 2011.

A plan was established to first see what was moving in the city, and second, to ask whether it could move differently or be thought of in alternative ways. Following a series of questions, tests, observations and actions we produced a collection of proposals for new ways of moving.

Any one who has attempted to catch a ball, step off a moving vehicle or carry a heavy object over a hill knows that movement is an unruly phenomenon. New Movement I endeavors to find access points to assess movement from the ground up to the sky down. Willing to provide solutions as well as problems, New Movement I employ a "strategic naivety"; approaching movement as if discovering it for the first time. Before the wheel, the mind was already in motion.

Project Intern: George Edgerton-Warburton


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