Materials in the material world

Part of "SUCCESS!!" at Chalk Horse.

Now is the time to reclaim the Utopian project, but with conditions. Respect for the stubborn and unceasing plurality of human nature means that we can neither rely on the vision nor the genius of the individual. We cannot think utopia, we just need to do it. So let's get started.

Remember that if you refuse to think about the future, someone else is going to think it for you. Don't get caught in another persons Utopia.

Objects today are treated just like that, as objects or even more despicably, as the founding statements of insipid designer lifestyles. Objects do not betray man, man betrays objects!

Functionality can be turned on and off depending on the context in which the object finds itself, or alternatively, where we find it. Are objects not the perfect excuse for the hopes and failures of realising fantasized formulaic ways of living and being-together? We pin our myths to our objects, we turn them on and off, they turn us off and on. Utopia might start with a lamp.



And good news! Given the success of the show, we are now devoted object entrepreneurs. We do not have any solutions, but what we have is lamps. Please visit our flagship store and buy one.

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