From the mouth to the ear to the head

Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Part of a group event entitled "Lo-Fi & Loving It", Creative Sydney.

We did nothing but facilitate connections. In our alloted place at this event we invited the Older Women's Network Theatre Group to perform their tuneful, memorable, and politically shrewd songs.

The generation gap should not be without a bridge. It might be a bit shaky but it is worth crossing, since we all eventually have to anyway.

As a corollary we should mention the pay dispute that eventuated after the event. Having promised the women our artist fee, which we mistakenly believed to be $300 ($100 for each member), we were amiss to have to pay them the mere $100 that we eventually received. Stern but understanding, the Older Women’s Network proceeded to lodge a grievance with the directors of Creative Sydney. Not only their own behalf, but also on behalf of Bababa International. To date Creative Sydney has yet to respond.

We should also mention Mirijana de Vries Robbe who, in her dauntless enthusiasm and intelligence, served us as both mentor and catalyst.

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